Lauren Phillips - Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass #3 - DevilsFilm

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Description: Anal Big Tits Hairy Milf Old Young RedHead
Lauren Phillips returns home from the hospital, telling her stepson Juan Loco that her husband (Juan's other parent) was in an accident, but he's okay now... however, he'll be staying at the hospital for a week. Juan is shocked, and asks what happened. Lauren gets embarrassed, but Juan begs her to answer, so she admits that her husband had an accident while trying to use a penis pump.Juan becomes even more shocked, so Lauren confesses that her husband has been having problems in the bedroom lately, so he tried to use a penis pump to improve things. However, something went wrong, and her husband messed up his dick somehow. Lauren frets that if her husband doesn't fully recover, he might not be able to get hard again, and therefore won't be able to fuck her anymore.Juan is stunned that she's still thinking about sex at a time like this, but Lauren worries that if she can't get sex from her husband anymore, she might have to leave him. Juan can't stand the idea of the household splitting up, and offers to fuck Lauren if she stays. Lauren is delighted, and takes him up on the offer right away, sucking Juan's dick and then letting him fuck her pussy and beautiful ass!
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