Gianna Dior and Avi Love - The Ex-Girlfriend Debacle: Part 1 - the Malibu Coincidence - GirlGirl

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Description: Big Boobs Brunette Face Sitting Fingering Lesbian Lingerie Boobs - Natural Outdoors Cunnilingus Scissoring Small Boobs Lesbian couple Avi & Jade have been together for 7 years now, but as they hook up Avi seems to be complaining about everything. Jade calls her out on it and isn’t happy with Avi’s response. She thinks they should break up. Jade’s shocked by this revelation and when Avi gives her the “It’s not you, it's me” excuse she’s not having any of it. Jade keeps pressing Avi for the real reason and after making up a bunch of nonsensical responses she finally admits that she’s cheating on her with a model. Avi says she met her in the make-up chair as she was prepping her for a shoot and as Jade starts explains to her that she’s just using her to get somewhere higher in the industry, Avi tells her it’s Gianna Dior, the supermodel. Heartbroken about her recent breakup Jade tries to get back into the dating world but it doesn’t seem to be going so well for her. She finds one girl, Alina, that she’s been dating for a few months and invites her on a quick mini-vacation to Malibu to celebrate. Alina doesn’t think 3 months is really that long and is pretty tired of always hearing about Jade’s ex-girlfriend. Alina thinks that Jade should go on vacation herself and take the time to focus on herself and think about her future. It takes some convincing, but after a few minutes Jade thinks that Alina is right, she should go on vacation by herself and make the best of it. At the resort, Jade is laying on the beach tanning when someone walking by trips over her…. It’s Avi & Gianna… No Way! The maid, Vina, shows Avi & Gianna to their suite and then brings Jade to her room. Jade’s confident that she made the right decision, this weekend is going to be great even if Avi & Gianna are at the resort. As Jade checks her phone trying to decide what to do next she starts to hear some noise through the wall… There’s no way… It’s not possible…. Avi & Gianna are in the room next door and are hooking up! This is going to make for an interesting vacation…
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