SashaCurves - Overbearing StepMom Joins You and Your Girlfriend

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Description: You’re staying at stepmom’s for the weekend for a family wedding and decided this was the perfect time to introduce your new girlfriend. The girls are getting along but you sense some tension. stepMom’s being a little overbearing and jealous – you’ve always been stepmommy’s boy after all – and it’s making your wife feel awkward. You convince stepmom it’s time to go to bed, ready for a busy day tomorrow and she reluctantly leaves the two of you alone at last. Later, certain that stepmom must be things get a little spicy with your girlfriend and you know you shouldn’t, but you end up fucking her right there on stepmom’s sofa. You tell her to keep her voice down but unbeknownst to you, stepmom’s woken up to the sound and is playing with herself as she listens to you fuck. When your girlfriend’s moans get louder, stepmom can’t resist anymore and comes in, pretending to wonder what’s going on. Seeing your MILF stepmom in her nightwear watching you fuck your girlfriend gets your cock even harder and you just can’t bring yourself to stop. To your surprise though, not only does stepmom not freak out, she wants to join in! stepMom reassures your girlfriend that you’re good at sharing, and the three of you have the most depraved, sordid night of your lives.
Models: SashaCurves